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Health Coach and nutrition consultant in New Jersey
Victoria Magliacane, Owner & Health Coach

Do You Believe That You Live a Relatively Healthy Lifestyle?

So did I… until I suffered  two heart attacks at the age of 56.  I was an active career woman, juggling the work life balance and believed that I had mastered the art of multi-tasking.  The reality I would come to learn is stress played a key role in my illness. 

Like many of us, we believe we can juggle it all, never slowing down enough to see the warning signals, or listen to what our body is telling us.  When the shock of how close I came to death subsided, I realized I could either play the victim or be an advocate for my own health by figuring out why it happened and do what I could to prevent anything like it from happening again.  

My journey began with self reflection and education.  I started to educate myself on heart disease by reading everything I could to understand why this happened to me, an otherwise healthy, clean eater, fitness buff, and avid golfer.  My reflection caused me to pause, slow down, and make significant lifestyle changes.  When I finally solved the riddle for my own health and wellness, I realized it was time to help others. 

There are many factors that impact one’s health, not just diet and exercise. 

Even those who appear to be healthy on the outside may not be so healthy, caused by many factors such as; hereditary factors, lack of quality sleep, weight gain, work life balance, relationships, diet/exercise, and the big one…..stress.  Besides the risk to your health, which is enormous, stress also impacts:  Energy levels, strategic thinking, productivity, cognitive thinking and an overall feeling of energy and vibrancy we all strive for.

Prevention, Wellness and Health Behaviors

Throughout my successful executive banking career I’ve gained valuable experience leading, developing and coaching teams. This, coupled with my own passion for health and wellness, is a perfect combination for an effective and driven health coach. I focus on relationship building because my goal is for us to work together toward your best health outcomes.

Through my health and wellness journey I also discovered a tremendous gap between western medicine doctors and the patient.  This void is making our pharmaceutical business richer, but not healing the patient.  Many others may be on the same dangerous path I was on and my mission is to help them avoid illness, diagnosis, and life altering health problems, while creating the life of healthy longevity we all yearn for.

Our health care model is one of diagnose and prescribe, a pill for an ill.  We treat the symptoms, not the cause, without ever getting to the root cause of the problem and this must change. We need to shift the model to prevention, wellness, and healthy behaviors and that is why I became a certified Integrative Nutrition and Health Coach. Understanding how all of these factors impact our health is a critical first step in prevention of illness and disease.

Learn more, live better,
Victoria Martuscelli

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